EBF Launch

From the beginning, our church has been about raising up the next generation of leaders.

This is more than just a good idea--the call to develop future ministry leaders is a command to be obeyed (2 Timothy 2:2). We want to be a church that intentionally entrusts Gospel ministry to the next generation.

EBF Launch is designed to help empower the next generation to cultivate Gospel transformation in the local church and beyond. Those serving in one of our three ministry roles--interns, apprentices, and residents--are equipped to serve and encouraged to grow.

Church Planter

Gaining Experience to Plant Churches

This residency gives young men pursuing church planting as a full-time vocation the opportunity to gain an increased leadership role within the context of the local church. We give specific emphasis on the skills needed for church planting, while at the same time learning from pastors and elders. Our church has partnered with others to plant three churches in the past few years.

Pastoral Resident

Increased Leadership Experience for Future Pastors

Our pastoral residency is designed to give young men pursuing the pastorate the opportunity to serve in an increased leadership role (beyond the apprentice experience) and expand a specific ministry here at EBF. Previous pastoral residents have led EBF’s Ethos communities and adult education classes.

Pastoral Apprentice

Ministry Experience for Those Considering Pastoral Ministry

The pastoral apprenticeship allows young men considering pastoral ministry as a full-time vocation the opportunity to gain valuable ministry experience. Apprenticeships might include ministry experience such as preaching a sermon, communicating with the congregation, ministering to students, and leading a retreat. Many of our past apprentices have been students pursuing their Master of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Our apprentice program is designed to help meet the internship requirements of that degree.


Explore the Connection Between Art and the Church

The artist-in-residence program gives men and women the opportunity to explore the connection between art and the church and to help the church engage with our faith in powerful ways. Members of the program can expect theological discussion, creative freedom, and visibility within the life of our church. They will be provided with the materials and space to work as they seek to use their creative gifts to bless the local church and the city of Evanston.

Ministry Intern

Exposure to Ministry in the Local Church

The ministry internship is designed to give young men and women (primarily in college) the opportunity to explore vocational ministry while being exposed to different facets of the local church. The interns will also be given the opportunity to gather biblical and theological knowledge while honing personal character and ministry skills. Whether continuing on into full-time ministry or becoming a key volunteer leader in a future local church, the internship can provide individuals with an experience that will help make their future leadership more effective.

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